IONS Framework


Ions Training Framework

What sets us apart from our competitors?

We believe that everyone has their ability to shine in their own way.

This framework taps deep into the core of each individual to discover, hone and build up a unique communication style. So if you are looking for a speech coach near you, Speech Ionizers are here to help.

Introducing, the IONS Framework.

There are 5 basic speaker styles and each has its own strength and weakness.

We want to harness each individual’s unique speaking style, build on strengths, so that our speakers can display their authentic self in front of their audience.
A presentation aims to deliver a message. And that message always yields a desired outcome. We help our speakers stay focused and shape their presentation to achieve their ideal result.

All our coaching and training activities are all designed to yield the stakeholders’ desired training outcome.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has solid roots in neuropsychology, linguistics, artificial intelligence, systems thinking, cognitive and behavioural psychology.

Our coaching sessions and training workshops include elements of NLP to enhance effectiveness and to help with self-mastery of various communications techniques.
We aim to always translate our lessons into skills that our speakers can take with them for life.

These skills, whether in the field of presentations, public speaking or communications, are designed to be wired into muscle memory and immediately applicable to any future engagements.

The IONS Framework has helped many of our clients achieve their peak performance.

Find out how you can excel too. You can be an effective executive speech coach with our help.Experience the best public speaking coach here in Singapore, contact us today!

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