Technical Storytelling

Technical Storytelling


TECHNICAL STORYTELLING is designed to help all those who are custodians of information share their wealth of knowledge with their intended audience.

Who says data, information and jargon must always be heavy and boring?

Drawing from the powerful techniques of storytelling, this course will focus on meaningful strategies, focused communication and dynamic delivery to engage both technical and non-technical audiences alike.

So, time to get geeky. Let’s gear up to tell your Techy Stories!


Who Should Attend

  • Engineers, Accountants, IT Professionals, Academics, Operations and related Technical Professionals


The training will be able to help you / your staff

  • Sieve through all the information to be coherent and on point
  • Speak the language your audience wants to hear
  • Relate content even to non-technical audience
  • Be masters of Visual Data
  • Break barriers and engage with audience
  • Revolutionize the way you plan and create your deck
  • Convert nervousness to conviction
  • Own every presentation with presence and charisma
  • Influence and dominate with energy
  • Change minds, win hearts and watch listeners buy in wholeheartedly
  • Reprogram your mindset and be the master of information


Learning Objectives

  • Identify the different types of speeches and content styles
  • Identify the different audience sub-types and tailor content to suit them
  • Integrate technical content into a storytelling framework
  • Use or design infographics that encompass Vitruvian Principles.
  • Apply various audience engagement techniques
  • Employ the non-linear approach to planning a PowerPoint deck
  • Implement techniques to prepare effectively and prevent stage fright.
  • Synthesize posture, hand gestures, eye contact and stage work in a data heavy presentation
  • Implement appropriate vocal variety techniques
  • Develop a persuasion strategy using the Rhetoric Triangle


Duration: 2 days


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